‘Greatness Springs From Here’ in FCB New York’s Push for Poland Spring Highlighting New England Residents

By Erik Oster 

FCB New York launched a new campaign for Nestlé’s Poland Spring bottled water brand, entitled “Greatness Springs From Here.”

The campaign celebrates the individuals of the New England region and Maine (the water is bottled from several sources in the state, including Poland Spring) in particular. A 30-second spot entitled “Meet Edna” introduces viewers to one such individual: 88-year-old ambulance driver Edna Mitchell. A certified EMT for 38 years and still an ambulance driver, Edna is described as having “a thirst for saving lives” as she races to deliver a patient, to the tune of The La’s “There She Goes.”

The digital spot made its debut on Monday, targeting the Northeast region with Edna’s inspirational tale. In a series of follow-ups, Edna addresses being called “too old,” staying in shape, “The Secret to Life” and “The Car Moose Accident.”

“We often overlook the greatness that’s right in front of us… like the Edna Mitchells of the world, who do extraordinary things for their communities on a daily basis,” FCB New York executive creative director Stu Mair said in a statement. “Edna’s age will never get in the way of her passion to save lives. That’s what makes her story so special and inspiring to the brand. Plus, she still does twenty military-style pushups a day, which is crazy.”



Client: Poland Spring
Campaign: Greatness Springs From Here
Agency: FCB NY
Chief Creative Officer: Ari Halper
Executive Creative Director: Stu Mair
Group Creative Director: Gabriel Schmitt
ACD, Art Director: Ricky Lu
ACD, Copywriter: Greg Wikoff
Copywriter: Ken Syme
Art Director: Emily Ng
VP, Account Director: Laura Dunn
Account Supervisor: Lucie Kittel
Account Executive: Malia Cone
Executive Producer: Hyatt Choate
Chief Strategy Officer: Deb Freeman
Senior Strategist: David Cortés
Strategist: Libby Crowe
Operations Manager: Kyle Burt

Client: Poland Spring
VP, General Manager: Amy Wirtanen
Communications Director: Laetitia Allexant
Group Marketing Manager: Jill Germano

Production Company: Rattling Stick
Director: Daniel Kleinman

Editorial: Nomad
Editor: Jai Shukla

VFX: Framestore

Music: Sound Lounge