Goodby Scares Up Another 626 Effort

By Kiran Aditham 

With Halloween around the corner, Goodby’s launched the next iteration of its 626 effort, this time leaving the creepy hotel for a creepier asylum.

Like last year’s Hotel 626 effort, the doors to the site are open from 6pm to 6am. This time, though, visitors are greeted by a loony doc and have to choose between friends in life-or-death situations, administer electroshock therapy and endure various other forms of mindfuckery.

B-Reel once again joins the fray to handle the production, which now involves Facebook and Twitter whereby you can use Facebook Connect and such to pull your friend’s pictures to use in the site.

Of course, a webcam and mic are a must to experience Asylum 626, which Goodby tells us allows for cooperative play by giving your friends the chance to save your life by yelling into their microphone to distract an attacker. Additionally, the site uses webcam head tracking to track your head’s left and right movement as you dodge an attacker with a chainsaw.

The campaign promotes the exhumation of Doritos’ Black Pepper Jack & Smoking Cheddar BBQ lines. Seeing as it’s still daylight, we’ll have to wait a few hours to experience the whole spiel and the finale, which visitors can access via an “augmented reality marker” on the “undead flavors” of Doritos bags. As more of a Halloween fan than a Doritos one, I am nevertheless anxious for a little ECT to spruce up the evening.

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Agency – Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

Creative Directors – Rick Condos and Hunter Hindman

ACD/AD – Marc Sobier

Copywriter – Michelle Hirschberg

Art Director – Tim Semple

Executive Producer – Amanda Cox

Senior Producer – Margaret McLaughlin

Producer – Maggie O’Brien

Group Account Director – Nancy Reyes

Account Manager – Michael Crain

Assistant Account Manager – Patrick Larsen

Deputy Director Communication Strategy – Christine Chen

Senior Communication Strategist – Amanda Sklad

Planning Director – Ted Florea

Senior Brand Strategist – Dalynn Fortner


Production Company – B-Reel

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Production Company – B-Reel

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Original Music – Headroom

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