Two Creative Types Go on a Cross-Country “Ad-Venture”

By Kiran Aditham 

Two New York-based “creatives” by the name of William and Francis are documenting their sojourn to various agencies across Amurrica for some sort of flick called The Ad-Venture (get it?).

The trailer above features the lads interviewing creative types from agencies including DDB, Carmichael Lynch and Goodby all for the sake of helping “the commonly unemployed find their identity by understanding yours” and “searching for answers and advice, filling in blanks for young creatives, and exploring the future of advertising in the process.”

Seems the production, which looks like some type of pursuit of an advertising holy grail, is still in progress since there’s no release date and they’re still asking for contributions. But at least we have the trailer above and this charming pic of the lads to tide us over in the meantime.

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