Goodby Silverstein & Partners Attempts to Scare Young People into Voting for Rock the Vote

By Erik Oster 

With Halloween coming up at the end of the month, Goodby Silverstein & Partners has a new campaign for Rock the Vote that attempts to scare young people into voting, entitled “#CareLikeCrazy.”

In the above 30-second spot, a right-wing lunatic espouses his (scary) views on women’s rights, preceding his rant by letting you know he never forgets to vote. He says women, who “think they want equal pay” are just having their minds poisoned by feminism and its the responsibility of men to protect them from themselves. His psychotic rant is followed by the a horror movie scream and the message “He votes. Do you?”


Since, unfortunately, there really are people like this out there, this is a clever approach. For those who don’t think there’s reason to vote, it’s a reminder that sane, rational people are needed to cancel out the votes of people like this guy. Similarly minded spots take on other topics (with other crazies) like war, the environment and voting rights.

Client: Rock the Vote

Title: “Care Like Crazy”



Goodby Silverstein & Partners New York

Executive Creative Director: Paul Caiozzo

Creative Director: Nathan Frank

Creative: Michael Hagos, Peter Jostrand

Managing Director: Nancy Reyes

Account Director: Karla Stewart

Head of Production: Dan Sormani

Producer: Sara Krider


Production Company:

Biscuit Filmworks

Director -Matt Dilmore

Managing Director -Shawn Lacy 

Executive Producer -Colleen O’Donnell 

Producer – Kali Erin Niemann

DP – John Barr



Arcade Editorial – New York

Editor: Christjan Jordan

VFX Artist: Tristian Wake

Assistant Editor: Laurel Smoliar

Producer: Fanny Cruz

Executive Producer: Sila Soyer



Company 3 – NY

Colorist: Jaime OBradovitch 


Graphics/Animation Company:

Laundry – LA

Creative Director: PJ Richardson

EP: Michael Bennett

Producer: Kirsten Collabolletta

Design: Anthony Maiuri, Nicole Choi 

Animation: Nicole Choi


Music Company:



Sound Design:

JafBox Sound

Sound Designer: Joseph Fraioli



Heard City – NY

Mixer: Jodi Levine

EP: Gloria Pitagorsky