Golin Launches Night School Career Development for Working Adults

By Kyle O'Brien 

IPG agency Golin has introduced a new DEI-focused program called Night School for working adults from marginalized communities interested in pivoting to creative-based industries.

The free eight-week career development and coaching program is aimed at transforming lives. The program which originally began in Golin’s U.K. market, contains hands-on training with industry experts in areas such as copywriting, art direction, planning and production.

The inaugural program in the U.S. started in late September of last year with training courses for 12 recruited students who are based in Chicago, Dallas and New York. Each adult student receives a monetary stipend to complete a personal, professional branding project, which will culminate in a live exhibition for industry leaders on February 8 in Chicago. The students will then receive mentors to help them progress towards personally relevant areas of the industry.


“Night School was set up to help open the doors to the creative industries,” said George Bryant, group chief creative officer at Golin in a statement. “We believe diverse and inclusive voices make our company and the broader industry stronger. I look forward to the impact that the incredible Night Schoolers of 2023 will have on all of us.”

Current students of Golin’s Night School class come from a variety of employment backgrounds in the non-profit, private and public sectors, ranging from copy editor, alumni specialist, social media manager, TV production assistant, marketing analyst, creative producer and visual designer. Night School attendees are not required to hold a college degree or have previous creative-industry experience.

“A program such as Night School speaks directly to Golin’s commitment in developing tools and teaching skills required by people to succeed in PR and other creative industries,” said Natasha O’Dell Archer, svp of DE&I at Golin. “Our motto is to ‘create change that matters’ and by mentoring a diverse group of individuals, we can enable success for the members of the program as well as the industry at large.”

O’Dell Archer went on to say that Golin is hoping to see more opportunities like its Night School program become accessible to people across every workforce one day in the near future.

“Being part of a program such as Night School has been instrumental in helping me develop the skills and knowledge for personal success,” said Tanyia Foster, one of the students from the 2022-2023 Night School class. “Thanks to the outstanding leadership and guidance of the program, I feel well equipped to forge my path within the creative industry.”

People interested in future programs, or those who would like to attend the exhibition in February, can learn more by emailing marketing@golin.com.