Gob Gets Job as AT&T Pitchman

By Kiran Aditham 

Arrested Development star Will Arnett, who’s no stranger to commercial work having served as the VO on GMC truck ads and co-creator of those Orbit shorts along with Jason Bateman, hams it up in a new holiday campaign from BBDO for AT&T dubbed “You’ve Got a Case.” Here, the comedic actor plays a lawyer-for-hire named Kent Wesley and plugs the telecom giant’s 4G smartphone/Facebook app with a bit more cockiness, charm and pizazz than chubby Luke Wilson. It’s everything you’d expect from the man who’s resurrecting his classic role as Gob in the near future thanks to Netflix. Credits, which will tell you that is not the handiwork of new AT&T creatives Rick Ardito and Grant Smith, after the jump.

Agency: BBDO New York
CCO: David Lubars
ECD: Greg Hahn
Senior CD: Arturo Aranda
ACD/AD: Marcel Yunes / Danny Adrain
ACD/CW: Rick Williams / Mark Anderson
Creative Director: George Ernst
Design Director: Brad Cohen
Executive Producer of Content & Development: Julian Katz
Interactive Executive Producer: Clemens Brandt
Director, User Experience Design: Jeff Puskar
Interactive Company: The Famous Group (Los Angeles)
Head Of Interactive: Michael Marina
Senior Producer: Robert Elias
Senior Web Developer: Adam Siegel
Senior Web Developer: Brandon Fisch
Senior Web Developer: Ogom Okafor
Production: Caviar (Los Angeles)
Director: Jonathan Krisel
Executive Producer: Michael Sagol & Jasper Thomlinson
Head of Production: Eri Noguchi
Producer: BP Cooper
Director of Photography: Damian Acevedo
Editing: Arcade Edit (Los Angeles)
Editors: Greg Scruton & Nick Ronbeau
Assistant Editors: Nick Rondeau & Dean Miyahira
Managing Partner: Damian Stevens
Executive Producer: Deanne Mehling
Producer: Cristina Matracia
Finishing: Airship Post (Los Angeles)
Colorist: Shane Reed
Lead Smoke Artist: Chris Homel
Producer: Lisa English & Marguerite Olivelle
Music: Beacon Street Studios (Venice, CA)