Go Forth for Grayson Ozias IV’s Fortune

By Matt Van Hoven 

Who wants $100k? You do, of course, and if you’re up for Levi’s challenge it could be your’n. The company, with the help of Wieden + Kennedy (Portland) dropped some cash somewheres in America and now people are supposed to go find it. The scavenger hunt commenced yesterday, so go forth or whatever and get you some casheesh.

Oh wait, it’s actually really involved. First you must:


&#151 Complete a scavenger hunt, including tasks that’ll learnya more about the history of Levi Strauss & Co. and, of course, the story of Grayson Ozias IV.

&#151 Complete a virtual quiz utilizing the lessons (informations!) learned during the scaventer hunt. That’ll give you the chance to be a finalist (1 of 100). If you’re one of those you get a “finalist” prize.

&#151 Official finalists receive “a final cipher”, also based on informations obtained during the contest, for the chance to be the Grand Poobah winner. And then the “real life treasure hunt to discover $100,000 in cash buried somewhere in the United States” begins.

Personally I’d rather Wikipedia this IV character’s life and just shoot out into nature, but it seems like only 100 people will actually get to do that. Why? Well, you can’t have half a nation of out-of-work Americans scavenging their homeland in hopes of getting their hands on some denim fortune. It’d be mayhem, and probably a lot like the end of “City Slickers”.

Via WKBlog

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