Agency Fired for “Homophobic” Mr. Sub Ads

By Matt Van Hoven 

In a somewhat shocking maneuver, Canadian sandwich shop Mr. Sub has fired BOS, a full service agency in Canada, after fielding a number of consumer complaints that a series of ads were “homophobic” and disrespectful of the coming out process.

The ad that first brought on a slate of complaints from members of the Canadian Auto Workers union was of a family at the dinner table. The father informs his family that he’s gay. “You mean like gay, gay?” asks his daughter. “Like super, super gay,” the man responds. (You can find the ad at 1:32 above)

learned that Mr. Sub acquiesced to the complaints and removed the ads. Later they fired BOS, a move that seems reactionary and sort of stupid, considering someone inside Mr. Sub must have approved the work, over and over again, so pointing the finger at the agency seems immature.

Certainly deflecting blame is nothing new in this business, but we intend to determine whether or not Mr. Sub approved this work and whether or not anyone there was “fired” too.

Via Marketing

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