GlobalHue Utilizes Michael Jackson Song for Jeep

By Erik Oster 

Michigan-based agency GlobalHue built their recent campaign for Jeep on the recently-released Michael Jackson single “Love Never Felt So Good.”

The series of three 30-second spots all make use of the posthumously released song, which was co-written by Paul Anka (the single version features Justin Timberlake). The Off The Wall-esque track is a breezy summer jam that makes a lot of sense in this context. Whether or not it was worth the fortune they must have paid in licensing fees is another conversation, but for obvious reasons Jeep is making a big summer push.

The spots themselves feel almost like little music videos that also happen to be selling Jeep, clearly crafted around the tune. There’s not a whole lot to the campaign other than people driving around and having fun, but GlobalHue and Jeep are banking on that and a hit posthumous Michael Jackson song being all they need. One of these spots, “Lovers of the Game,” features Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving in a celebration of hoops and summer. It’s pretty fun, and at one point Irving even sinks a shot while standing in a Jeep outside the court. “Summer Fans” meanwhile, is GlobalHue and Jeep’s World Cup themed entry, otherwise pretty much in the same vein as the other two ads. You can catch both “Summer Fans” and “Lovers of the Game,” along with credits, after the jump.


Agency: GlobalHue

CCO: Vida Cornelious

CD: Tony Kause

CD: Dilam Mattia

ACD: Jonathan Garay

ACD: Albert Loera

AD: Dawn Elledge

Writer: Krystle Smothers

Sr. Producer: Paul Paruta


Production Company: Disorderly Conduct

Director: Jan Wentz

EP: Ron Cicero


Editorial: Butcher

EP: Rob Van

Producer: Justine Smollan

Editor: Dave Henegar

Editor: Keith Salmon

Asst. Editor: Leah Turner

Asst. Editor: Kelly Henson