ACW Grey Tel Aviv Feels Your Balls

By Patrick Coffee 

Here’s an interesting take on the endless “how to sell men’s underwear” conundrum via ACW Grey Tel Aviv.

Disclaimer: Hailing from south of the Mason/Dixon, we are all too familiar with the effects humidity may have on our nether regions–and the Grey team made sure to remind Israeli men that it understands, too.

“Your entire body feels the way your balls feel” probably wouldn’t make for the snappiest tagline, but it did get our attention. And we appreciate the convenient egg metaphor since no one wants to see a pair of oversized testicles walking down the street (at least not anyone we know).


They didn’t really cover the itch part, though…can someone translate that into Hebrew for us?

Agency: ACW Grey Tel Aviv
Executive Creative Director: Tal Riven

Creative Director: Idan Regev

Copywriter: Kobi Cohen 

Art director: Karin Gross

Client manager: Anat Leventon

Supervisor: Michal Itzhaki

Account manager: Sapir Sadras 

Planner: Omri Gitter

Producer manager: Meital Tzoref 

Special Projects Producers: Galit Siman-Tov

Photographer: Roy Bar-Shira

Production Company: Bold

Video Editor: Denis Dvorin

Sound: Signal Music & Sound Ideas

Original Music: Roy Dotan

Narrator: Aviram Sharon