Geometry Global, Chivas Pay Tribute to the ‘Modern Gentleman’

By Patrick Coffee 

Geometry Global, or the “recently merged entity of G2, OgilvyAction and JWTAction”, went all out to promote client Chivas 18/Hong Kong in this campaign specifically designed for distribution on Facebook.

While it initially appeared as three short films–each one celebrating a different modern, socially-conscious entrepreneur–you can now check out the whole thing at once.

You may note the complete lack of alcohol in this film. As the campaign itself notes, “Modern Gentlemen do not pursue material gains, but a legacy of changing the lives of others”. Understandable, then, that they don’t have the time or inclination to drink during the day.


The brand made a few cocktail suggestions for such gentlemen in the form of Facebook offers for drinks like “Lighten Up the Dark“, which sounds delicious if you like Cointreau.

Credits after the jump.

Client: Chivas Hong Kong

Agency: Geometry Global/Social@Ogilvy


Creative Director: Paul Ho

Senior Art Director: Ricky Cheng

Group Account Director: Harshad Sreedharan

Senior Account Manager: Vanliza Cheng

Account Executive: Chris Yeung

TV Producer, Redworks: Francis Li

General Manager, Social@Ogilvy: Rudi Leung 

Senior Strategist, Social@Ogilvy: Winnie Chan

Associate Regional Strategist, Social@Ogilvy: Dino Man

Social Content Specialist, Social@Ogilvy: Maxwell Ip