Free Climber Alex Honnold Ascends the GS&P Building for Stride Health

By Erik Oster 

California-based production company Lucky Treehouse got the world’s best free climber, Alex Honnold, to climb the Goodby, Silverstein, & Partners building & The Palace of Fine Arts for Stride Health.

(Stride Health is a startup from Noah Long and Matt Butner, who formerly worked at R/GA, BSSP and McCann.)


Alex picked out his first health plan and then headed to San Francisco for a day of urban free climbing. While a veteran rock climber, urban climbing is relatively new territory for Alex, and he expresses his enthusiasm for the change in scenery. Lucky Treehouse captured the day’s events in a documentary video, running approximately five minutes. They also created a 30-second teaser spot for Stride Health. That 30-second video and more information on Alex and his chosen health plan are hosted at a Stride campaign landing site.

You can view the teaser above, or stick around after the jump for the full version, along with credits.

Production Company: Lucky Treehouse

Client: Stride Health

Directors: Michael Schwartz & Tyler Nilson

Producers: Noah Lang, Matt Butner, Brent Franson, Michael Schwartz & Tyler Nilson

Written By: Tony Pandola, Noah Lang, Tyler Nilson, & Michael Schwartz

Sound Recording: Thomas Wood

Director of Photography: Michael Schwartz

Additional Photography: Leelee Cummings, Matt McDonald, Noah Lang
Editing / Gfx / Color: Lucky Treehouse
Music: She Shoots / He Scores