Geico Reveals Hump Day Humor… on Hump Day

By Jordan Teicher 

While you’re battling Wednesday workdays at the office, Geico has a new addition to their “Happier Than” campaign that gives a literal visual representation to Hump Day. Yes, a camel, with humps. The camel’s coworkers don’t look thrilled with their humped friend running through channels of cubicles and interrupting their productivity. Wednesdays should be a time of cautious optimism – by the end of the day, a majority of the week will be finished – but these guys look like they just got demoted.

The Hump Day spot – created by the insurance brand’s longtime ally The Martin Agency – won’t be going up on the Mount Rushmore of  “Happier Than” ads. That space is reserved for Dikembe Mutombo’s supermarket exploits and Eddie Money’s entrepreneurial skills, commercials that dealt with clever concepts that riffed on pop culture. “Hump Day” is more of a cheesy pun dragging itself over 30 seconds of airtime. Re-strum the banjo, there’s always next time. A ridiculously long credit list awaits after the jump.

Chief Creative Officer:                                           Joe Alexander

Group Creative Director:                                       Steve Bassett         

Creative Director:                                                  Wade Alger

Creative Director/Art Director:                           Sean Riley

Senior Copywriter:                                                Ken Marcus

Agency Executive Broadcast Producer:          Molly Souter

Agency Producer:                                                  Samantha Tucker

Agency Junior Producer:                                     Emily Taylor

Strategic Planner:                                                  Melissa Cabral

Group Account Director:                                       Chris Mumford

Account Director:                                                  Liz Toms

Account Supervisor                                               Parker Collins

Account Coordinator:                                            Carter Crenshaw

Project Manager:                                                    Susan Karns

Group Talent Director:                                           Suzanne Wieringo

Production Business Manager:                          Amy Trenz

Production Company:                                            Hungry Man

Director:                                                                    Wayne McClammy

Director of Photography:                                      Tim Ives

Executive Producer/ Managing Partner:          Kevin Byrne

Producer:                                                                 Nate Young

Production Supervisor:                                         Steve Ruggieri


Editorial Company:                                     Makenzie Cutler

Editor:                                                                        Ian MacKenzie

Editor:                                                                        Dave Koza

Assistant Editor:                                                     Carmen Hu  

Editorial Producer:                                     Evan Meeker

Director of Operations:                                         Biz Lunskey


VFX:                                                                            The Mill

Executive Producer:                                              Jo Arghiris

Producer:                                                                 Colin Blaney

Shoot Supervisor:                                                  Tony Robins

2D Lead Artist:                                                        Randy McEntee

2D Artists:                                                                Tony Robins, Paul Downes, Jamin Clutcher

Art Support:                                                             Rob Meade

3D Lead Artist:                                                        Kevin Ives

3D Artists:                                                               Billy Dangyoon Jang, Olivier Varteressian, Laurent Giaume, Justin Diamond, Sean Dooley, Joshua Merck, Hassan Taimur, Wyatt Savarese, Samuel Crees, Ross Scroble


Audio Post Company/Sound Design:                 Rainmaker Studios

Engineer:                                                                  Jeff McManus        

Music:                                                                        “Happier Than” theme song by Adam Schlesinger