Deadpool Visits Marvel’s NY Office Because There’s a Video Game Coming Out or Something

By Bob Marshall 

Meet Deadpool, a Marvel supervillain-turned-superhero who comic book fanatics regard as “awesome” and non-comic fans refer to as “who?” Deadpool came into existence during the early 90s, a time when a collector-driven mentality molded the industry into what some regard as the “Style Era.” With sales at an all-time high, comic books publishers made an effort to churn out as many different characters as they could, focusing more on pizazz (elaborate costumes, big muscles, and huge breasts) than actual storytelling. Many now regard the early 90s as a low-point for the industry, a time when publishers bankrupted themselves both morally and financially to put whatever they could on the shelves in the flashiest packaging possible only to have demand nosedive.


However, a few characters from this era didn’t get swift deaths when the industry adopted a back-to-basics approach to storytelling in the early 2000s. Among them is Spider-man’s black-suited monstrous nemesis Venom, who has a ridiculous backstory but looks too cool to dislike. Another is Deadpool, originally an X-Men villain whose Peter Parker-esque sarcastic, quippy persona endeared him to fans who enjoy honest-to-God humor in their superheroes’ repertoire.

In fact, the above trailer from Ignited alums and Activision for Deadpool: The Game actually hits the character’s personality right on the nose, even if his whole backstory of looking for a job at Marvel HQ makes abso-fucking-lutely no sense in context. Why would Deadpool look for a job at Marvel? It isn’t explained at all during this trailer’s 2-minute runtime, nor is it hinted at during the character’s public appearance at Comic Con. Either way there’s a Deadpool video game coming out in June, so fans are probably almost as stoked as they were when Ryan Reynolds played the character in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Have fun, you guys!