GE Finds ‘World Firsts’ at the Ends of the Earth

By Patrick Coffee 

BBDO New York’s latest series for General Electric (almost) travels to the globe’s most  remote corners to remind viewers that the company isn’t just responsible for creating trivection ovens and six-second video loops.

With “World Firsts”, the agency uses three disparate stories of isolated communities to illustrate GE’s ability to bring the benefits of the digital world to those living on its margins.

The first spot in the series of three concerns the challenges of delivering medical technologies to one of Japan’s most remote inhabited islands:


After the jump, the second spot plays on the same outsider themes (while lightly referencing World Cup fever) in relaying the tale of a young boy’s first big trip and his love of all things football.

Our personal favorite is this tale of Scottish herders creating energy from the moon-driven tides surrounding their remote island–again, with a little unspecified help from General Electric.

While none of these spots directly promote GE consumer products, they do effectively remind us that the company’s work reaches well beyond our own kitchen door.

Agency: BBDO New York

Client: GE

Titles: “Kumiko’s First Ultrasound”; “Zeng’s First Flight”; “Moon Power in Scotland”


Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide: David Lubars

Executive Creative Director: Michael Aimette

Senior Creative Director: Chris Lisick

Group Director of Content Production: Anthony Nelson

Producer: George Sholley

Associate Creative Director: Judd Counsell

Associate Creative Director: Lance Vining

Head of Music Production: Rani Vaz


Worldwide Senior Account Director: Emma Armstrong

Account Director: Katie Hankinson

Account Manager: Tessa Cosenza

Assistant Account Executive: Joslyn Dunn


Production Company: Greenpoint Pictures

Director: The Hudson Dusters

Director of Photography: Logan Roos


Music House: The Music Bed

Edit House: Greenpoint Pictures

Editor “Moon Power in Scotland”: Logan Roos

Editor “Zeng’s First Flight”: Philip Knowlton

Editor “Kumiko’s First Ultrasound”: Philip Knowlton


Visual Effects House: Greenpoint Pictures


Audio/Sound Design Agency: One Thousand Birds