Gatorade And Powerade Go To The Mat Over False Advertising Claim

By SuperSpy 

The panic of the recession seems to be causing brands to defend their turf at all costs. Pepsi recently filed a lawsuit against Coca-Cola that says the brand is engaging in false advertising. Coca-Cola brand Powerade Ion4 sports drink has been claiming that it is “the complete sports drink” and that Pepsi’s Gatorade is “missing two electrolytes” and is “incomplete.” The lawsuit is calling this false advertising, trademark dilution, unfair competition and deceptive acts and attempts to get the entire ad campaign pulled. The work, which is so very Rosser Reeves (and that’s not a bad thing) was created by Ammirati New York.

In other brand fighting news – Adidas has sued Payless for infringing on their three stripe design. And in truly weird turn, beverage company Massimo Zanetti has filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros., DC Comics and Organic Coffee Cartel for trademark infringement in one of the movie’s scenes.

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