Gary Vee Will Disrupt Sports Marketing with Some Help from Darren Rovell

By Patrick Coffee 

When last we heard from one Gary Vaynerchuk, everyone’s favorite digital thought leader had hired his very first chief creative officer before winning the Noosa yogurt account and, more significantly, picking up social media duties for a certain JPMorgan Chase.

Now Vayner is branching off into an entirely new vertical: sports! More specifically, that would be athletes who double as influencers and the many, many brands that would love to score their (well-paid) endorsements.

To explain further, here’s some dude who gets paid to talk about sports and Twitter, unlike all us amateurs. You can just skip the first 30 seconds or so.

Anyway, this goes on for a while. But we get the key details: Gary and his brother have partnered with a guy named Brian and his partner Mook(?) to relaunch a sports marketing operation.


According to the Vaynersports home page, this unit will “[guide] players through a variety of issues involving their professional career” by “improving the level of service beyond what any athlete has experienced in the industry thus far, one client at a time.”

The main conclusion we draw from the video is that Vee legitimately enjoys talking about himself and Rovell is cool with that.