FYI: A 13 Year-old Blogger is the Center of Target’s High-Fashion Campaign

By Kaitlin Madden 

When I grow up, I want to be like Tavi Gevinson. The blogger-cum-cult-fashion-icon behind Style Rookie makes Grannie-style sweaters and buffalo plaid Doc Martens look chic. Not only that, but she writes with an easy, prolific wit, and stars in the current video promotion for Rodarte’s clothing line for Target. When you were 13, you were just learning to play with yourself.

Is it sad that I want to be like a mid-pubescent kid? With Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week starting up in New York this Thursday, I want to shine a quick spotlight on the Chicago-born-style-wunderkind’s work for Target, produced by an agency you might know, Peterson Milla Hooks.


If you’ve never heard of Gevinson, you’re not alone. To the majority of the world, she’s an irrelevant little squirt. But to the fashion industry, she’s like the second coming of Anna Wintour &#151 which is exactly her appeal to Target. The company’s clothing department sought to set the fashion world abuzz with a campaign featuring Gevinson.

The mass-retailer is continuing its climb to affordable-fashion-domination of the big-box market through collaborations with everyone from Anna Sui to Zac Posen and Jean Paul Gaultier &#151 and having Tavi on their radar ups their Seventh Avenue street cred.

The distribution channel chosen for the promotional video didn’t hurt either &#151 the clip was exclusively debuted on Did we mention she’s a 13 year-old kid?

In the spot, Gevinson chats about the line with the likes of Elijah Wood, editors from Seventeen and Vogue, Kate Mulleavy and Laura Mulleavy &#151 the sister/sister creators of Rodarte.

Shortly after debuting in early December, it was apparent Target hit its mark in creating a buzz. The clip was picked up by Teen Vogue, New York Magazine, and The L.A. Times, to name a few.

Apparently, the advertising industry has taken no notice of this so-far-seemingly-successful campaign. Strange, since the Rodarte line is (we hear) pretty much always sold out. Whether that’s the kid’s doing or the fancy clothing line’s, it’s hard to say. For what it’s worth, now you know.


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