Funworks Launches Its First Full Campaign for Pandora

By Patrick Coffee 

Last month, we chatted with ex-GS&P creative director Paul Charney about combining his passions for advertising and improv comedy in his new San Francisco shop Funworks.

We included a few clips selected by Charney himself in that post, but this week the Funworks team released its first full creative campaign for Pandora, which was covered by our colleagues at Adweek.

The reason for the campaign is the launch of Pandora’s new “Thumbprint Radio,” which compiles all the tracks you’ve “liked” into a single station.

Much of the work is all about the social influencers provided by talent agency Collectively, and there are some video components you’ll probably want to see after reading about Charney’s approach.

For this series, it seems Funworks simply asked the performers to improvise their own behavior upon hearing their favorite jams while working under the headings “That’s my shit,” “That’s my jam” and “That’s my ish.” Here’s an additional quickie.

(The target audience is young people, but you already knew that.)

Charney described the improv process as such:

“We asked a really simple question: ‘What happens when your favorite song comes on?’ Everyone had this pure, emotional response—some people were yelling, ‘Turn that shit up,’ or ‘That’s my jam.’It was a very pure moment. Over these two-and-a-half hours, a lot of ideas were generated, but everyone in the room knew that was the moment.”

The campaign includes paid placements on all the sites that young people visit, as planned by DigitasLBi. Of course, each semi-professional social media person will also encourage his/her hundreds of thousands of followers to make their own videos, thereby theoretically amplifying the campaign’s reach.

One last effort from an Instagram video guy we’d never heard of before today:

WHEN UR JAM COMES ON #staykrispy @pandora_radio #thumbprintradio #spon Get ur thumbprint station (link in bio)

A video posted by K R I S P Y (@krispyshorts) on

Yep, we still feel very old.