Energy BBDO, Extra Gum Give ‘A Second Chance’

By Erik Oster 

Energy BBDO launched a new ad for Wrigley’s Extra Gum featuring a real-life couple.

The lengthy online spot picks up where past tearjerkers like “Origami” and “Sarah & Juan” left off, mining similar emotional territory, incorporating Extra gum wrappers into the payoff and even using the same song, “Can’t Help Falling in Love” as the latter. “A Second Chance” follows the story of Marcus and Jessica, who met in kindergarten and always seemed to find a way back into each others lives.

Now Jessica is a widow and Marcus a single dad and even though Jessica “didn’t think love could be possible…again” she finds herself romantically involved with Marcus after all these years. With help from the kids, and Extra gum wrappers, he has a big surprise planned for Jessica (you probably know where this is going) with a Brady Bunch-esque ending in mind. While the emotional approach worked well with the memorable “Origami,” it brings diminishing returns with each rehash and this latest effort can’t help but fall a bit flat, real couple and all.

There’s something a bit unsettling about that aspect, which gives the spot what AdFreak refers to as “a reality-show vibe.” Wouldn’t this couple’s story (and emotional moment) have meant more if it were not caught on camera (for a gum commercial, no less)? 

“We set out to find couples to talk to us about love under the guise of shooting a travel documentary,” Energy BBDO executive creative director Andrés Ordóñez explained to AdFreak. “Once we found couples that felt right for the brand, we approached the guy separately about their relationship trajectory.”

“This couple have an incredible story that’s inspiring and uplifting, because it is built on many years of small yet meaningful moments of connection,” added John Starkey, vice president of U.S. gum and mints at Wrigley’s.

Client: Wrigley Extra Gum
Title: “A Second Chance”

Agency: Energy BBDO
SVP Executive Creative Director: Andrés Ordóñez
VP Creative Director: Pedro Pérez
VP Creative Director: Josh Gross
Illustrator: Mya Pagán
Director of Integrated Production: Rowley Samuel
Executive Producer: John Pratt
Producer: Shobin Mathew
Director of Music: Daniel Kuypers

Managing Director: Jeff Adkins
Client Service Director: Lianne Sinclair
Account Director: Erin Welsh
Senior Account Executive: Brittany Peskind
Account Executive: Katheryn Batista
Group Planning Director: Elke Anderle
Digital Strategy Director: Zach Graham

Production Company: Sanctuary
Director: Natalie Rae Robinson
Line Producer: Dennis Beier
Executive Producer: Preston Lee

Color: Company 3
Colorist: Tyler Roth
Finish: Method Studios

Music: “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”
Vocals: Haley Reinhart
Piano: Casey Abrams
Record Label: ole Media Management L.P.

Audio: Whiz Bang
Audio Post: Sarah Krohn
Audio Post Producer: Maria Hinders
Executive Producer: Mitch Monzon

Editorial Company: Beast Editorial
Editor: Angelo Valencia
Assistant Editor: Melissa Weinmann
Senior Producer: Lauren Roth
Executive Producer: Peter Hullinger

Visual Effects: The Mill
Design Lead: Matt Darnall
Design Artist: Adrian Navarro
2D Lead: Randy McEntee
2D Artist: Michael Sarabia
Head of Production: Andrew Sommerville
Producer: Adam Battista
Producter: Grace Tober