FullSIX, Toddlers Rap Up First Aid for British Red Cross

By Erik Oster 

FullSIX teamed up with production company Good Egg and director Chris Sweeney for a British Red Cross spot featuring rapping toddlers as the first installment in its “First Aid Rapped Up” campaign.

The goofy premise is in service of reminding parents to call 999 (the British equivalent of 911) if their young ones consume something that could be poisonous, and to learn best first aid practices for children with the British Red Cross’ first aid app. Toddlers lounge around in hot tubs and tricked out baby carriages dispensing wisdom while partying it up. Whether or not you find the ad effective will largely depend on how much you can stomach such silliness, of course, but the tactic is attention-grabbing and FullSIX is clearly banking on it getting some shares across social media platforms. In addition to the debut spot, the agency also worked with Sweeney on two additional spots in the same vein.

“You don’t have much time to yourself as a parent and when you get a chance to go online you just want to have five minutes of fun to escape all the pressures of being a parent,” FullSIX London creative director Rob Trono explained to LBB. “That’s why we chose to do something light-hearted and engaging and we thought it would be really nice if the message came from children for once rather than a brand, or adults talking to each other.”

“Kids have a lot in common with rappers – they love to wear their trousers low so you can see their boxers or nappies hanging out, they like to party, drink from the bottle, scribble on walls and hang out in hot tubs or baths together,” added director Chris Sweeney. “So, we decided to use those things that rappers and babies have in common as the format for our videos.”



Creative Agency: FullSIX
Creative Director: Rob Trono
Production Company: Good Egg
Director: Chris Sweeney
Music Production: Finger Music
Executive Producer: Clare McGrath
Post Production / VFX: Cherry Cherry VFX
VFX Supervisor: Alex Gabucci