From Whence Came This Dell Ad?

By Matt Van Hoven 

Though they have been Dell’s maker-of-TV-work, sources inside Mother tell us the above ad did not originate from within their walls, (as you’ll recall) the New York “matriarch” is acting as Dell’s TV work-horse, through December. George Parker seems to think the ad belongs to Enfatico, but we aren’t convinced.

With WPP in a hiring freeze, we aren’t sure Enfatico has the staff to complete TV yet (this isn’t to say they don’t, but we haven’t heard otherwise). Though according to a source, the environment inside Enfatico’s Austin shop is very…active/busy/hectic. Makes us wonder if they too suffer from a lack of staff (like Mindshare), and therefore have employees doing the work of three.


An insider at the WPP shop tells us they don’t think the above spot is Enfatico’s work. Then, could it be from Schematic? Not likely, because (last we heard) they have been doing Enfatico’s interactive work, and reportedly almost pulled out of the agency completely a little while back.

So who’s responsible for it? And more importantly, what do you think of it? We’re dying to know your thoughts.

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