Friday Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Barkley celebrates being “On the Road Again” with a new spot for Winnebago utilizing user-generated content (video above).

“‘On the Road Again’ captures the Winnebago community’s boundless optimism for the future and raises funds for the parks they love and respect,” Winnegbago director of marketing Matthew Smith said in a statement. “As parks are reopening around the country, we wanted to rally our community and preserve nature for all to enjoy.”

Winnebago is one of several brands tapping into consumers’ enthusiasm for summer road trips at a time when vacations are curtailed.


“The Winnebago community is a tight-knit group that has felt the loss of seeing one another since stay-at-home orders went into place for most states,” Barkley executive creative director Berk Wasserman said in a statement. “This piece gave them the chance to come together
and share a song of hope for the road ahead.”

-The ANA released a list of diversity-certified agencies.

-Publicis Groupe reported a 13% decline in organic growth for Q2, which is actually not bad considering, you know, everything.

-Yesterday was MLB’s Opening Day, and the NBA and NHL are returning soon. But what happens to ad dollars if sports go on hiatus again?

-Vodafone is handling its Curve launch in-house.

TikTok’s parent company is weighing selling a majority stake in the app, The New York Times reports.

-Historic needlecraft brand DMC handed a global strategy assignment to BMB.