Friday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Nescafé sees each cup of coffee as a chance to make a positive impact on the environment—and it starts by simply bringing the water needed for a cup of Nescafé to 80 degrees Celsius instead of 100. With a new campaign led by AOR Courage, Nescafé is encouraging its consumers to make their daily cup of coffee with water boiled to just 80 degrees. The small change conserves energy, making for a perfect cup and a bigger impact.


-Director Ali Ali and Impact BBDO have a new UAE campaign for Egyptian flower delivery and gift company Floward that depicts iconic villains as softies. The latest spot in the campaign features a homicidal Mobster suddenly calling off a hit when the would-be victim surprises him with a gift of flowers.

-The new campaign from Shoe Show Inc., “Shoes For Every One,” is the retailer’s first major brand campaign since McKinney became creative and media AOR in 2021. “Runner” follows an aspiring cross-country athlete. He hides his desire to run, telling his mom he’s quitting. However, his mother’s intuition kicks in when she sees his worn-out shoes. Determined, she takes extra shifts to surprise him with new shoes.

-Hill Holliday has launched “Save the Day” for Exiger, a supply chain and third-party risk AI company. The integrated campaign spotlights how 1Exiger, an end-to-end supply chain platform, is empowering procurement, risk, compliance and supply chain professionals to harness advanced AI. 1Exiger allows “unsung heroes” to make an impact within their organizations and on a global scale.

-A new campaign created by Seattle-based Little Hands of Stone for Aegis Living, a senior care and memory facility, is called “Aging is Life.” The spot ditches the ‘sunsets-and-pickleball’ cliches and, as Matt McCain, agency co-founder said, “develops a deeper emotional bond with our audience by acknowledging the wildly complicated, bittersweet realities of getting older.”