Friday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Austin agency Preacher works with delivery app Favor, “the only delivery app by and for Texans,” owned by grocery retailer H-E-B. A new integrated campaign and social program targeting true Texans and also paying homage to the “Texpats” who’ve left Texas but still call it home. “Texpat Rescue Mission,” in which a Favor “runner” (their term for delivery people) pulls off an epic delivery from the famous Black’s BBQ to a worthy Texpat to give him a taste of home.


-In anticipation of the MLB World Tour: London Series, Major League Baseball and Rob McElhenney‘s More Better Industries have teamed up to show the U.K. what America’s favorite pastime is all about. In a new video, Wrexham AFC co-chairman and Philadelphia Phillies fan McElhenney embraces the cultural differences between the two nations’ fanbases and “baseball-izes” the Welsh Football Club’s game to hilarious results.

-The 3rd Eye is a female, minority owned independent agency, with an understanding that the balance of work and family is paramount. As such, the agency has just announced a new benefit: “Grandparents Leave,” aimed at redefining workplace support for families by offering new grandparents two weeks of leave/flex work time, in order to spend valuable family time. The agency noticed a gap in support for new grandparents, particularly in an industry where ageism is prevalent. After a conversation with one of its team members who recently became a grandmother, it became evident that they needed to formalize a solution that empowers employees to prioritize family without compromising their professional responsibilities. The benefit includes one week of paid time off, and a second week of flexible “work from anywhere” time.

-Since the beginning of 2024, reports of anti-Semitism have increased by 263% compared to last year, according to the Jewish Federation of Brazil. Due to recent conflicts and the vocalization of speeches by artists against the Jewish people, intolerance is increasingly growing. To curb this wave of hate, StandWithUs Brazil, a non-profit educational institution about Israel, in partnership with VML Brazil, has launched the campaign “Yeermulke: Drop anti-Semitism.” The name of the initiative comes from the contraction of two words: yarmulke, a Yiddish expression referring to the kippah; and Yeezy, the name of a sneaker line signed by Kanye West, who, by expressing anti-Semitic comments, ended up having his partnership with a major sports product manufacturer terminated. The limited collection was distributed among personalities who stand against anti-Semitism like Daniel Zukerman, Claudio Lottenberg, Mauricio Schwartz, Rabbi Pessach Kauffman, and Ronny Kriwat.


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-Atlanta Braves outfielder Ronald Acuña Jr. was unanimously elected the 2023 NL MVP. And now Louisville Slugger is partnering with Acuña and Philadelphia Phillies left fielder Kyle Shwarber to introduce its new MLB Prime bat—the densest wooden bat ever made. Agency Doe-Anderson ensured that the creative clearly demonstrates what that density in the hands of a world-class power hitter makes possible.