Friday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-Native Deodorant is going against the concept that natural deodorants aren’t effective with a couple of spots from VCCP U.S. that highlight the brand’s smell, even after the wearer has gone through potentially stink-inducing events. In “The Return,” a distraught woman is reunited with her husband, who was stranded in bear country for three days. When she smells him during a hug, she notices that he smells like a piña colada, and she then doubts his story. In “Post Race,” a man raises a glass to cheer he and his friends finishing a running race, but one accuses him of not running because he smells like he just came back from the spa.


-Rotting vegetables stink, and frozen veggie brand Birds Eye wants people to enjoy their produce rather than have it end up in a landfill, so the brand and agency The Bam Connection, have created a campaign to show that vegetables picked at the peak of ripeness then flash frozen are a healthy option, and one less likely to be thrown out. Same goes for frozen over canned vegetables.

-Professor Burke, aka J.K. Simmons, is back for Farmers Insurance in a spot that reminds viewers that some things are too important to compromise on, like having unobstructed sightlines to your favorite team’s game. In the “Winning View” spot, an unlucky customer finds out too late that his seat came with an obstructed view, which is exactly the kind of situation that Michael Barker tries to help people avoid, scouring stadiums for obstructed views and then posting them on his account, steering fans away from the sections. His much-loved and witty “Obstructed View Alerts” aligned with the spirit of the Farmers campaign message and the “Winning View” spot, so a collaboration was a natural fit. Farmers sent Barker to the college football bowl game at iconic Fenway Park on December 28 and tasked him with finding two fans with obstructed views and upgrading their seats, just as Burke does in the spot by RPA.

-To kick off the new year, Scotiabank and Rethink’s newest work reintroduces the famous tagline, “You’re Richer Than You Think,” to help give Canadians a more hopeful perspective on their financial potential. The new spot follows a variety of scenes and characters connected to one another by a feeling of what they’re missing out on. From a series of restaurants, cars, and homes going from casual to elevated to premium, the characters are all looking to the next person who has something “more” than them, until the spot comes full circle to remind viewers that “there’s more to life than more.”

-As millions of Americans embrace the Dry January trend, Wingstop declares that flavor cannot take a backseat, introducing “Dry Rub January,” challenging fans to indulge in Wingstop’s signature dry rubs on cooked-to-order wings, chicken tenders and chicken sandwiches all month long.

Wingstop gives people the option for a many-flavored Dry Rub January.