Friday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-State lotteries are ramping up their communications, and three campaigns take very different paths to getting people to play.

Creative agency Cactus has worked with the Colorado Lottery for 16 years, and its latest effort, “Grateful Outdoors” shows how the lottery has donated $4 billion to the Colorado outdoors. The info-comedy-drama takes place in the woods, where a couple is accosted by a tree and a rock about their support of the lottery. There’s also a bear involved.


Florida is also playing around with wildlife in a new spot from PPK, which highlights the new 1:05 p.m. draw time for the Fantasy 5 game, telling people to “seize the midday.” In it, a humanoid racoon character is switching awake hours to take advantage of the drawing and other midday happenings, like brunch.

Minnesota is using a real person to show that its lottery dollars have improved the state and all it has to offer. The spot from Periscope aims to increase awareness of the impact and importance of the lottery and the types of beneficiary projects it funds. There’s also a bear involved.

-A new WE ❤️NYC logo, created by independent creative agency Founders for a post-pandemic resurgence campaign, has received largely negative reviews.

-Dentsu Creative has crafted an Instagram strategy for Nutter Butter so offbeat that some followers have expressed surprise that it isn’t a parody account.

-Adweek’s newest podcast, Marketing Vanguard debuts with Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts’ Marc Speichert.