Friday Odds And Ends

By SuperSpy 

– Love this tune in the video above from The Easy Beats circa 1966. (link)

– Google Q4 earnings are down 68%. (link)


– If you don’t blog, Joseph Jaffe says you can’t work at strategic consultancy, crayon… Hey! I blog so what up? (link)

Obama is the first urban President since 1881. (link)

– GQ, Wired cover similar editorial territory. Again. And people wonder why they don’t want to buy their stinkin’ ad pages? (link)

– NSA Whistleblower: Wiretaps were combined with credit card records of U.S. citizens. (link)

– Want to know where the bail out cash went? A new website will help you keep track. It’s not pretty. (link)

– Intel to shut four plants, lay off 6,000. (link)

– Use your ad skills somewhere else. Here’s 10 careers that pay more than $30 an hour. (link)

– A brief history of the X Games. (link)

– Video: Lawrence Lessig: Monetizing the hybrid economy (link)

– Study: Marketing exes are struggling to show ROI. What else is new? (link)

– There’s a new type of Craigslist coming your way. (link)

– Learn something why don’t ya? Creativity and the rise of optimism. (link)

– Rethinking the idea of the album. (link)

– Facebook now nearly twice the size of MySpace worldwide (link)

– Video: Nina Simone’s husky voice gets paired with an intriguing, slightly infographic-animated video that uses a unique black-and-white visual style. (link)