Courtney Cox Wants You To Be Just As Good As She Is – Blech

By SuperSpy 

Now that President Obama is actually in office, a bunch of people who are not affected by the economic crisis (ahem, that would be celebrities like Courtney Cox all the way down to Punky Brewster) want to continue to tell you what you should be doing. They did this all during the campaign season and really, the impact they had was pretty negligible. It was the folks who go to work everyday doing whatever who made a difference in corralling people to vote, spreading the word and changing the way the civic process gets done around these parts.

In the video above, these movie type people make all sorts of promises. They say they are going to trade in their current cars for a hybrid. And that they’re going to donate money, save the earth and be a good mom, too? Hell, all so easy when you make a $100K an episode, work for half the year and can afford that nanny.


This video makes me want to hurl all over my H&M shoes. First off – anyone ever heard of editing? Secondly, I’m all for doing good, but seriously… celebrities? You are so not relatable. Aren’t we at the point yet where the actual words of commitment from “real people” are more powerful than celebrities? I’m saying yes. Just check out the Oscar ratings. Hell yes.