Friday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Google co-founder Larry Page says Steve Jobs’ assessment of Google’s Android entering into the iPhone’s market is revisionist history. link

-Nike’s “Write the Future” campaign = “visual crack cocaine” according to a UK trade. link

-The European Court of Justice confirmed that Google’s AdWords does not break European trademark laws. link

-Wieden + Kennedy gets three Emmy nods thanks to Old Spice. link

-What are the top 10 World Cup Twitter trends? link

-Advertisers offer new way to opt out of targeted online ads. link

-McDonald’s confirms volunteer sponsorship for the London 2012 Olympics. link

-Cadbury makes an interesting use of YouTube. link

-Score one for E*Trade as the agency’s Lindsay Lohan spat will remain in Manhattan instead of Nassau County. link

-NYT: LeBron James’s camp set up the ad aspects of “The Decision” to mimic the sponsorship model of decades ago. link

-There must be a fan of the band Wire at Chase. link

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