Friday Odds and Ends

By Erik Oster 

FCB Cape Town created testicular cancer “Testi-monial” PSAs for the Cancer Association of South Africa (video above). 

An in-depth Bloomberg report confirms what we have long suspected: office perks are fucking dumb.

Chicago-area copywriter Jesse Alkire (the guy behind the fake football uniforms and baseball hats) designed some uniforms for Windy City agencies’ softball teams. Someone give him a job already.

-Digital agency Definition 6 appointed Diana Lochridge as executive producer/creative director of its entertainment division.

The Martin Agency associate creative director Neel Williams wrote a story for Digiday explaining where Game of Thrones characters would work if the show happened to be an ad agency.

Someone actually wrote a LinkedIn post titled “1999 Marketing Ideas from Prince.”

Copyranter argues that death is a better selling point than sex these days. It’s really more fun, too.

-Grey London CCO Nils Leonard discussed “the dark con of advertising” at the D&AD Festival. Whatever could he mean?