McCann Paris Explores the ‘Pleasure’ of Prostitution in Super Creepy PSA

By Patrick Coffee 

Today in What The Hell Did We Just Watch on a Friday, this is the oddest ad we’ve seen all week.

Seems that McCann Paris and its client Mouvement du Nid (which is an anti-prostitution advocacy group) are on the opposite side of the moral spectrum from Publicis and its client Marc Dorcel, better known as the biggest name in European porn.

The agency released an intentionally disturbing spot highlighting the “real victims” of the practice. We don’t really know what to think of it, but there’s a lot of awkward grunting.

That was almost painful to watch.

There’s a point here, though: “in prostitution, there is no pleasure, neither for the prostitute, nor for the client who, in most cases, is not satisfied with the sexual intercourse.” We have never explored this matter so we will take the group’s word for it.

ECDs Riccardo Fregoso and Julien Chiapolini wrote, “We know it’s a disturbing film, because it subjects the viewer to the truth. We went behind the scenes with the cameras and showed the unbearable groans of pleasure of the prostitution criminal network.”

This is topical primarily because prostitution was technically legal in France until earlier this month, when lawmakers approved new legislation that requires those caught paying for sex to pay fines and attend classes on the dangers of prostitution. In the press release, the agency’s CEO Bruno Tallent said that development “gives this project even more weight.”

Not to stereotype or anything, but why are we surprised that France, would be stricter in regulating the practice than Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia and Turkey?


Executive Creative Directors: Julien Chiapolini and Riccardo Fregoso
Art Director: Flora Sagnes
Copywriter: Benjamin Homsy
CEO: Bruno Tallent
Account Manager: Fiona Ferrier-Weil
Account: Coline Dechelette
TV Producer: Séverine Collandre
Production: Excuse My French
Director: Agathe Riedinger
Sound Production: Capitaine Plouf