Friday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Microsoft selling Razorfish was probably good for Microsoft. link

-The Redmond, WA giant also unveiled new branding opportunities via Windows 7. link


-W+K London thinks this might be the best ad ever. link

-Elevator Safety Week isn’t complete without a dancing, rapping cat. link

-Draftfcb New York’s EVP of CRM Michael Brzozowski discusses online tracking and the importance of transparency. link

-Ad pages are dropping in Conde Nast pubs. link

-So is consumer sentiment it seems. link

-Burberry gives social networking a go. link

-LeBron James wants to surrender #23 and give fans a new overpriced jersey to buy. link

-Hyundai is prepping a Super Bowl ad blitz. link

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