Piggly-Wiggly Adds Cheese to Turkey Dinner

By Matt Van Hoven 

Charleston, South Carolina’s Rawle Murdy dreamed up this campaign for Piggly-Wiggly &#151 a campaign piece we’re told was originally intended for Web dispersion. However, the PIG folks loved it so much that it now has a media buy arranged. We’re not oinking-mad about it, but then again we’re just the watchkids.

Anyway, ladies sit at a bar whilst getting hit on by a man-voice (source of voice not shown). This manguy employs some of the best bad-pickup lines known to the sex. I’ll let you watch to see which he picks, and what the pay off is (hint: a Thanksgiving turkey in sunglasses). Needless to say, he doesn’t use the tried and true, “Nice shoes, wanna pluck?” Zing.


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