Friday Odds and Ends

By Erik Oster 

-FCB Chicago does “Valentine’s Day Dinner” for Kmart.

-Copywriter Mike Alfaro and Art Director Jaime Villalva created “Anti-Vaxx Valentine’s Day Cards” for “the Anti-Vaxx Idiots in Your Life.”


-AKQA and Nike created “an interactive journey for fans” celebrating the Jordan brand’s 30th Anniversary, which includes “a 1,200 square foot responsive LED half-court.”

JinJin Sun, an interaction designer at digital agency Huge, created an interactive Valentine’s Day site called “Modern Love Bot.”

-Portland’s Swift pokes fun at industry jargon in this V-Day themed Instagram video.

MediaPost wonders, “How Long Before Barbarian Group Tears Down Its SuperDesk And Erects Actual Offices?”

-Durex Explore app provides accompanying visuals to racy “Behind Closed Doors” radio ad.

-Fancy Pants Group launched a Valentine’s Day site called “Fancy Match,” which hooks people up with the perfect slice of pizza.

-BBDO New York found bigfoot (or something like it) for Lowe’s: