David&Goliath, Blake Griffin Revisit Top Gun for Kia

By Patrick Coffee 

Rather than revisiting Pierce Brosnan’s Bond-ish Super Bowl spot, David&Goliath takes the highway to the danger zone in its newest ad for Kia starring everyone’s favorite action star Blake Griffin.

The first ad in this campaign, which dropped in December, cast Griffin as an actor/turned Tombstone gunslinger who insists on including his Kia in the scene.

He’s even more of a “maverick” in this one, and he insists that the Kia Optima will go wherever he wants it to go while fulfilling his need for speed.


Come on, Blake, do some of that pilot shit!

Note the final disclaimer: “Do not attempt. Optimas don’t fly.”

Griffin isn’t really an actor or a pilot, but he can still be Kia’s pitchman anytime.




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