Friday Morning Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-Just when you thought Burger King couldn’t find interesting ways to illustrate flame broiling … someone goes up in a helicopter and cooks a burger over a huge Norwegian bonfire.

-Ogilvy’s staff has some concerns about the agency’s work with Customs and Border Protection. CEO John Seifert addressed the issue with the agency.


-It appears that the Republicans got caught using Photoshop by darkening Colin Kaepernick’s skin in some fundraising advertising.

-In other news connected to Nike, the MTA and NYPD are investigating the defacing of some Megan Rapinoe posters on the day of the USWNT parade in New York as a hate crime.

-If you’re looking to burn about two hours, why not try to find all of the Netflix Easter eggs in this ad for Bouygues from BETC?

-Hey, kids! There’s a David Bowie-inspired Barbie Doll! The toy marks the 50 year anniversary of Space Oddity.

-Ad spend from a land down under: Australia will reach $23 billion by 2023 according to PwC.