Friday Morning Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-It’s an annual tradition … the agency holiday card. We have a bunch of good ones herehere and here. Anomaly London got weird again, but our favorite may be Xmas Hold ‘Em.

-Some sad news from Ogilvy as one of the agency’s former creative directors, Thomas William Bagot, died of pancreatic cancer at age 60 on Dec. 16. The full obituary can be found here.


-Apparently, The Drum enjoys a good cry.

-Serena Williams (Adweek’s Brand Visionary) gets in-depth on her new Gatorade ad.

-Initiative’s CEO may very well be on the “naughty” list this year.

-These are the 23 brands that define America. Damn right Supreme is on that list.

-Oh, McConaughey.

-As a public service, Wired is keeping track of Facebook’s 2018 scandals.