Friday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Mekanism and Peloton want to capture the sweat of healthy, model-thin humans with perfect skin. For research purposes.

-ICYMI, Johannes Leonardo created a”#WallThatUnites” project in opposition to Trump’s proposed border wall, “a giant digital wall made up of real world street art, created with messages of hope and acceptance. ”

-Agency Chamber.Media launched a four-minute digital spot as the first ad for all-natural deodorant brand PiperWai.


-We welcome our new hoodie overlord. Zuck 4ever.

-Hippies still rule — through top tech brands.

-Taiwan ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. Campaign asks if “maybe these ads helped pave the way.” Key word: maybe.

-Greatest Common Factory co-founder John Trahar thinks project work is “killing creative innovation.”

-Laughlin Constable hired Vanessa Watts as executive vice president, media.

-“100% compostable” coffee pods? Don’t believe the hype.