Friday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-DDB Chicago is launching a new campaign, entitled “Never Too Bold,” for Kohler (video above).

-The Salvation Army in South Africa turned #TheDress into a domestic violence PSA.

-Former Mediacom CEO Jon Mandel claims U.S. agency kickbacks are widespread.

Campaign shares “Six marketing lessons for International Women’s Day.”

-Allstar Marketing Group, the marketing company behind the Snuggie infomercials, settled with New York state over misleading marketing.

Marketing explores “Why marketing to women is getting smarter.”

-McDonald’s draws criticism for “#slownewsday” response to Ex Cops’ complaint that they asked them to play SXSW for free.

StrawberryFrog is partnering with BReel to create a “crowd-sourced social movement” involving rescue dogs and their owners.