Foursquare Gets a ‘Monopoly’ Facelift

By Bob Marshall 

Who’s ready for some student work? “But, this site isn’t called ‘Student AgencySpy.’ It’s called ‘AgencySpy.’ So, WTF gives?” Well, dear readers, I believe that children are the future. Moreover, it’s the hottest fires that make the hardest steel ad school students that tend to come up with the most killer apps, so why not give them some publicity where publicity is due, right? When the pros start coming up with apps that are simple to use, addictive and devastatingly creative, then we’ll talk about those, okay? Okay.

On to the mobile app at hand, Foursquaropoly. Created by three NYC-based Miami Ad School students, the app takes Foursquare’s API and gives it a minor twist, allowing users to “buy” locations with virtual fake money. Then, anyone who checks into a building owned by another user owes rent on it. Really, who doesn’t love paying rent? It takes the idea of a Foursquare “Mayor” to a whole new level, infusing it with the joy of buying things and a stronger sense of ownership over one’s domain.


If this app gets off the ground, user patterns will probably mimic those of regular Monopoly: Those who are “winning” will become addicted and revel in the joys of making tons of fake money and screwing others over with fake high rent prices, and those who are “losing” will stop playing to avoid the slow and painful landslide into fake bankruptcy. What Foursquaropoly offers players is a nice alternative to Foursquare’s points, badges and mayors, and to marketers it offers a way new way to attract mobile users to certain locations. Credits after the jump.

AD: Deanna McDonald
AD: Sean Tiraratanakul
CW: Jaclyn Shelton