Forsman & Bodenfors Explains ‘Organic’ Food

By Patrick Coffee 

Sweden’s Forsman & Bodenfors, best known for testing Jean-Claude Van Damme’s flexibility and, more recently, creating a Seventh Seal/Sound of Music “mash-up” of sorts for UNICEF, tackles a tricky word in its newest ad: organic.

Everyone in marketing knows that consumers are easily misled in the food sector–hence the prevalence of such phrases as “Eat Fresh,” “low in fat,” and the reigning king “all-natural flavor.”

In this new ad for Swedish retail chain CoopSverige, the agency explains why consumers should pay extra attention to whether the foods they buy officially qualify as “organic.” The key word here? Pesticides.

The More About Advertising blog says the ad “Makes the case pretty convincingly, in that Swedish kind a’ way.”

Of course, the campaign doesn’t dive into the many, many complications involved in achieving official organic status–nor does it address the fact that “organic” definitely does not always mean “healthier.”

But it does get to the emotional heart of the matter by appealing to a parent’s desire to protect her kids from things with scary, multi-syllabic names.

In the meantime, food marketers will continue to use every word BUT “organic” to convince parents that their products are OK for the young ones.