Former JWT CCO Launches New Project, Pitches Lyft

By Patrick Coffee 

Regular readers of this blog will almost certainly remember that Chief Creative Officer Jeff Benjamin announced his plans to leave JWT New York last summer in what some called an ouster and others called a mutual decision.

The agency’s release and Benjamin’s own statements held that he was leaving in order to launch his own creative venture. We didn’t get any details on that venture at the time, but now Benjamin seems closer to unveiling it; we only know that it goes by the name Disco.

In what appears to be the venture’s first publicly shared project, Benjamin and his crew joined the “wild card” crowd pitching ride-share service Lyft yesterday.


The concept: call a driver in Brooklyn and pay him to hang out with them all day rather than provide rides to others. There’s ice cream, table tennis and a trip across the old Brooklyn Bridge:

Yesterday, Benjamin tweeted what appears to be a list of collaborators:

Of course the Lyft “review” is ongoing, but Disco did get the company’s attention yesterday as both the “startup” and its CMO Kira Wampler (formerly with Trulia) favorite the submission on Twitter.

We’ve been unable to reach out to Benjamin directly so far, but we expect to hear more about Disco soon (location, number of employees, points of differentiation, etc.). Of course we welcome him to give us more information.