Y&R Mexico Weaponizes Books for Gandhi Bookstores

By Erik Oster 

Here’s a strange one from Y&R Mexico for Gandhi Bookstores.

The agency worked with director Rodrigo Garcia Saiz to create a spot for the bookstore chain, entitled “Weapons,” illustrating the “Knowledge is power” maxim with a protest scene. As protesters square off against a militarized police force, they begin hurling books at the officers. The books burst into flames, which spread through the ranks of the officers as the ranks of protesters advance and overtake them. The ad finally ends with the familiar knowledge-touting maxim. While the explosive nature of the books is obviously meant to be metaphorical, it all plays out more like a Rage Against The Machine music video than an ad for a bookstore, and the tactic is especially odd considering that the chain is named after a leader famous for nonviolent civil disobedience.

Client: Gandhi Bookstores
Title: “Weapons” :90
Agency: Young & Rubicam Mexico
Chief Creative Officer: Jose Montalvo
General Creative Director: Agustin Velez
Creative Director: Sergio Diaz Infante
Copywriter: Rodrigo Ramirez
Art Director: Francisco Hernandez
Head of Production: Bernardo Salum
Agency Producer: Noel Abreu
Production Company: Central films
Director: Rodrigo Garcia Saiz
DP: Beto Casillas
Executive Producer: Mauricio Francini
Editorial: Central Films
Editor: Jorge Hernandez
Post Production: Central Films/MPC
Colorist: Ricky Gaussis
Post Production Coordinator: Patricia Guerra
Post Producer: Leonel Perez
VFX Company: Central Films/MPC
Music Company: Sonideros
Music Producers: Ramiro del Real, Renato del Real
Composters: Ramiro del Real, Renato del Real
Audio Post: Bravo Audio
Mixer: Bernardo Bravo
Audio Post Producer: Bernardo Bravo