Foot Locker Declares Wright Brothers ‘First in Fly’

By Bob Marshall 

Before Wilbur and Orville Wright completed what has been credited as the first successful heavier-than-air human flight, the brothers were also given nods as innovators for their sneaker choices. At least, that is according to a new back-to-school campaign for Foot Locker called “It’s a Sneaker Thing,” created by SapientNitro and production company Biscuit Filmworks.

For those wondering, here are four “fun facts” we were sent with the campaign:
1. They were directed by Aaron Ruell, best known for his role as Kip Dynamite in “Napoleon Dynamite.” (Wow.)
2. The actors who play the Wright Brothers are actually, in fact, the Wright Brothers: they are twins named Brandon and Brian Wright. More bizarrely, it is rumored that they also wear old-timey suits, business as usual, around Los Angeles. (Weird.)
3. “Wright Brothers” was shot on a unique handcrank camera to give it a period look. The camera is one of only two in the world of its kind, which was rigged by Ridley Scott. (Why?)
4. The majority of the costumes, styling, and set design are historically accurate – except, of course, the sneakers. (Duh.)


What’s more curious is that the word “fly” has actually held up to the slang test of time, no doubt with assistance from electro-hop bands like Far East Movement. Included with the campaign are print ads and in-store displays that play on classic literature titles. Those ads, and a spot chronicling Issac Newton’s distaste of gravity, after the jump.