National Review Wants to Put Kibosh on McGarryBowen’s Miracle Whip Campaign

By Kiran Aditham 

Just about a month ago, McGarryBowen’s Chicago office unveiled the “Not for Every Relationship” campaign for Kraft Miracle Whip, which offered $25K to a couple who could best regale the masses with a tale of how the creamy condiment either played a role in keeping them together or tearing them apart.

While our commenters generally seemed to applaud McGB for having the “balls” to come up with something like this, the right wing-tinged trade National Review is up in arms about the whole campaign and is urging its readers to take a stand against what it deems a “thoughtless contest.” The trade has even partnered with the Coalition for Divorce Reform to launch an online petition that demands that Kraft put an end to its “Not for Every Relationship” effort. Here’s a comment from the CDR’s Beverly Willett that explains their position (as does the video above): “There’s no apparent malice in Kraft’s campaign, but it’s terribly unthinking. With its resources and influence, Kraft could easily have used this opportunity to make a powerful difference for social good by standing up for the idea that trivialities, including family disagreements over sandwich spreads, should never split families apart. That really would have been ‘bold.'”


So, where do you stand folks?