First on AgencySpy: Why Campbell-Ewald is in Review with the United States Navy

By Matt Van Hoven 

We hinted today about the Navy review that’s under way at Campbell-Ewald, and referred to how in a quaking economic climate (no LA puns intended) spending money wisely is, well, wise. It seems that spending, although rumored, is not the cause for the review.

Apparently, the Navy is happy with the work CE is doing. That’s how we perceive the situation, anyway, because the seamen are apparently planning to extend the “contract to a longer period without the mandatory 5-year renewal,” says our spy.


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However, that’s easier said than done. The Navy is required to put their contract up for bid, allowing for competition to step in, before resigning with CE. More from one of our sources.

“So they have to do the full song-and-dance. Now, does this mean the people here aren’t scared out of their mind [sic] that they might lose it? Of course not: if they lose Navy, that’s a huge blow.”

Given the climate at CE over the last 90 days, including impending Chevrolet cutbacks (refer to this article), the 60-or-so layoffs back in March and the lost Michelin account, our sources say trepidations are running high in the CE building.

“There’s no doubt among the masses that there will be another round before the traditional December cuts,” said our Spy.

So there you have it. There’s much less scandal for CE this time around. Nonetheless, they’ve been the subject of quite a few posts lately. One thing’s for sure, we’re not excited about the layoffs.