Breaking: Donovan Lets 16 Folks Go, ‘Streamlining’ in Full Effect

By Matt Van Hoven 

We mentioned earlier this week that we heard Donovan Data Systems was prepping to lay off a number of people, to which Managing Director Steve Peeples replied, “Any responsible company is always looking for ways to streamline effeciencies.”

Well our inside source tells us that 16 DDS employees have been laid off, indicating the company is doing more fat-trimming than streamlining.We’re awaiting confirmation from company reps on that number, but if the last conversation we had was any indication, our vertigo will kick back in before a straight answer is given.


The only reason this is news is because we still think DDS is posturing for a Google takeover, doggie-style. Check here for more on that scientific hypothesis. And no, you won’t get linked to the Kama Sutra Web site.

Update: We hear DDS was careful about who was laid off, and that no one is client interfacing, for now. “However, many of the people have been there 10, 15 years or more and are all very well known and liked,” said our source.

Update: After a brief conversation with Mr. Peeples, we can now confirm that 16 positions have been eliminated within DDS. However, Peeopes remarks that in the last 18 months, more than 20 development and project management spots have been created and filled. Many of those full time positions are focusing on the iDesk technology that’s used by Google.