Fire Station Agency Goes ‘Crazy Healthy’ for POM

By Erik Oster 

Fire Station Agency is bringing POM back to TV for the first time in three years, with a new campaign entitled “Crazy Healthy.”

The campaign imagine the antioxidants in POM as various types of warriors, from archers and samurai, to cyclops and dragons. This approach emphasizes the free-radical fighting nature of the antioxidants in pomegranate juice, a key health benefit of the the product. It comes across as an effort to make the brand seem more fun and youthful, while still emphasizing its health benefits. To create the campaign, Fire Station teamed up with director Tarsem Singh and VFX studio Framestore, who helped bring the anti-oxidant fighting warriors to life.



Client: POM Wonderful

Agency: Fire Station Agency

Special Effects: Framestore

Director: Tarsem Singh