Film a Day in Your Life for YouTube’s ‘Life In a Day’ Experiment

By Matt McCarron 

Nope, this has nothing to do with the Beatles. Producer Ridley Scott and Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald have teamed up to make a film that captures life in a day. That day happens to be July 24, 2010 (tomorrow). As for the actual footage, they’re looking to the YouTube community to capture it.

In an interview on the “Life In a Day” YouTube channel (posted after the jump), Macdonald says that they’re looking for participants “to film some aspect of their day then post that material onto youtube so that [they] can use it to make a film that is a record of what it’s like to be alive on that one day. It’ll be kind of like a time capsule.”

Macdonald will then edit the footage into a full-length documentary that will premiere at Sundance next year. The idea stems from Scott’s first film, which documented a day in his life when he skipped school.

As for creative direction, Scott and Macdonald are looking for participants to answer the following questions:
– What do you fear most in your life today?
– What do you love?
– What makes you laugh?

The team also asks that you film whatever is in your pocket.

This is a great opportunity for aspiring filmmakers, but we just feel bad for Macdonald and his assistants who will have to rummage through days of footage.

Check out the interviews with Macdonald and Scott after the jump: